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Our Affordable Litigation Software Pricing

Voltaire combines a wealth of data, along with powerful artificial intelligence, to turbocharge your jury research process. Our straightforward pricing makes it easy to incorporate into your firm’s budget and we offer a no-obligation demo of our software, so your team can get acquainted with our service.


How much does your service cost?

Voltaire is a custom solution for jury & trial research. We offer a single trial license, as well as a combination of bundled and subscription pricing options. One of our account executives will be happy to provide you with detailed pricing information, based on your individual or firm needs. Please contact us today at sales@voltaireapp.com or at 888-494-0514.

Do you offer a free trial?

We offer a complimentary, no obligation demonstration of our software. Contact us today to schedule at your convenience.  We will also provide your firm with a complimentary analysis of a previously empanelled jury, so that you can review our results for yourself.

How does the service work?

Voltaire is designed to make the process of jury research and selection much more efficient and productive. Our proprietary software handles much of the data research and interpretive analysis for you. You make all the calls. Utilizing a great deal of pertinent information, that we provide, you will be better informed to make the right decisions.

How can I view this information during trial?

Voltaire is designed to make viewing your custom reports simple and fast. You’ll be able to view them anytime inside the app, as well as view detailed PDF documents on each of your subjects prior to your trial and before or during the voir dire process.

Where does your information come from?

Our software combines data from multiple sources, including social media, education & employment history, real estate ownership, voter registration, original authorship and more. Our software has access to over a billion data points on the web and automates the process of research for you.

Do you offer customer support during trial?

Absolutely. We know that the process of preparing for trial, and especially the process of voir dire can be challenging. We are here to help every step of the way. We provide instruction, insight and assistance with all aspects of the service. Just contact us at 888-494-0514.

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